We Rule This Land

Sylcer Story

Mission Statement

To develop complete soccer players and teams in a safe and supportive environment, who excel in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game. To instill in our young players positive core values and an excellent work ethic, providing a platform for our players from which they can succeed at the collegiate and professional levels of play.

Vision Statement

To provide the best environment for elite soccer players in South of Athens by providing the highest quality player development programs, facilities, coaches, training, competition and leadership.

To advance players on to all levels of am/pro clubs rosters, Greek Youth National Teams, and to be a recognized leader and center for player development at every level of play.

Core Values

Our core values are a part of the player development process.  All players will develop the skills, qualities and attributes needed to play exciting, creative soccer with a winning mentality, while having a positive and lasting influence on each other.  Our players will always demonstrate the Olympiakos Voulas Core Values.

We will promote good sportsmanship and encourage high standards of performance and conduct on and off the field, requiring discipline, honesty, hard work, commitment, respect and humility.  This is inclusive of players, coaches and spectators.


We Rule This Land

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