It is a quick an easy procedure. Click on the top right side of any page on the dark blue small person image.

On your first time choose the Register option and fill in the requested basic information.

Please click on the Club & Athletes box only if you want to build a campaing. 

As soon as the small person image becomes gold the first phase of the registration is done and your account has been created.

In any following visit on our page click on the dark blue small person image and fill in your previous registration credentials to Login. 

In order to complete your registration please procced to your profile and to account verification process. We kindly ask you to fill in or upload either scanned or photographed the below documents:

  • Fill in Club or Athlete V.A.T. or C.R.N. on the relative field
  • Fill in ID or passport of the legal rerpesentative of the Club or the Athlete

Every donator after that completes the donation will receive two emails. One from the payment partner (Viva or PayPal) regarding the financial procedure of the transaction and a second automatically from the user that created the campaign with the invoice/payment receipt on behalf of the Club or Athlete. 

Please be aware that the iban owner needs to be the SYLCer legal entity and not anyone else. In case that those, do not match the withdraw will not procced accordingly.

Every Club & Athlete (SYLCers) barried with the additional cost to transfer the amount from their SYLC wallet to their bank/payment institute account. Clubs & Athletes (SYLCers) are burder with any additional fees, after the withdrawl from the platform, occurded by their bank/payment institute that have officialy declare during their registration to the platfrom. Clubs & Athletes (SYLCers) are also responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes assciated to the usage of the platform. In all withdrawal requests there is a flat charge of 2€/request. For that reason we strongly suggest to procced with withdrawal requests for more than 100€. For that reason the suggested minimum account for withdrawal is 100€.

SYLC platform don't charge or procced any of the above fees, for payments that are declined before the check out is completed successfully. In case of chargeback, Clubs & Athletes (SYLCers) aggred to be liable for any associated costs or payment of funds in case that money has been sent already to Clubs & Athletes (SYLCers). Bank deposits take 2-5 business days to arrive from the time they are sent.

If our payment partners need more information, you will receive an email from them or from SYLC directly asking to upload an identity document (driver’s licence, passport, national ID) or a bank statement (in printed or digital form). This extra information is to ensure your account’s security and to confirm that funds can be withdrawn to your bank account.

If you receive one of these emails, you’ll be prompted to follow a link to upload the necessary documentation. We recommend checking back within 1-2 business days on your SYLC account to see if information is still required or if the verification process is complete. If you experience trouble uploading these documents, please contact our team.

As soon as the above information entered in the platform it takes up to three working days to be verified and the SYLCer is ready to create a new campaign.