It is a quick an easy procedure. Click on the top right side of any page on the dark blue small person image.

On your first time choose the Register option and fill in the requested basic information.

Please click on the Club & Athletes box only if you want to build a campaing. 

As soon as the small person image become gold the registration is done and you are now a SYLCer.

In case you are an athlete or a club you need to follow the verification proccess in order to be able to start your campaign. 

In any following visit on the platform just click on the dark blue small person image and fill in your previous registration credentials to Login. 

All donators after completed the donation would receive two emails. The first one will come from the payment partner (Viva or PayPal) regarding the financial procedure of the transaction. The second one will come from from the SYLCer that created the campaign and will include the invoice/payment receipt on behalf of the Club or the Athlete which received the donation. 

When your local club/cause/campaign needs you #SYLCit